Surgical Assisting Resources

Below are some surgical assisting resources we have collected, and independent salary information.

Look at what they say, then look at our ST vs. SA Salary Results.

Surgical Assisting Salary Estimator

This salary estimator can help you figure out what your new salary will look like, so that you can plan your new life.

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. Salary Survey is one of the leading experts of salary information and job posting.

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AMA Health Care Salary Ranges

Find out what the American Medical Association’s salary research says about SA jobs.

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Touch-Surgery Surgical Assisting Resources

Fun and Educational Free Smartphone Apps

See what surgical mobile apps we have found and can help you learn! ⇒

Wound Closure Training System Surgical Assisting Resources

Free Wound Closure Video

Right-handed tying techniques are demonstrated. ⇒

ABSA Logo Surgical Assisting Resources

Surgical Assisting Certification

Most important, see what surgical assisting certification you can receive. ⇒