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RASA Surgical AssistingApplication Requirements and Program Overview

Program Prerequisites and Admission Criteria

  • Proof of successful completion of a surgical technology program, or a foreign medical program, or on-the-job training.
  • PLUS Two Letters of Recommendation, including verification of a working knowledge of operating room fundamentals, signed by a surgeon or operating room educator. (*There is a template provided in the application).
  • If you did not complete a formal Surgical Technology program or a foreign medical program, you must either do one of the following prior to RASA training. Provide proof of successful completion of college level basic science instruction in the following courses, or you may take them as co-requisite courses (all available through RASA).
    • Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology
    • Microbiology
    • Pharmacology
    • Medical Terminology
  • Provide proof of CPR or BLS, and maintain throughout the entire program.
  • Copy of Drivers License or State-issued identification, with an identifiable picture.
  • Clinical Acknowledgement Form. (*There is a template specifically provided in the Royal Academy of Surgical Assisting application).

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RASA Surgical AssistingApplication Requirements and Program Overview

Students must submit these items prior to clinical internship approval and enrollment in our surgical assisting program.

Malpractice insurance, specifically listing you in the “student first assistant” role. In particular limits of liability must be a minimum of 1 million/3 million. In general, the cost is $50-$100 for a one-year policy.

Acceptable health and immunization records, documenting acceptable status of hepatitis B, influenza, MMR, varicella, hepatitis C and PPD (template available).

Course of Study

Clock Hours (approximate)

Module 1: Online home study – must be completed within 4 months of enrollment.
Unit 1 Welcome to the Exciting World of Surgical Assisting 12
Unit 2 Wound Healing and Infection Control 20
Unit 3 Surgical Assisting Skills, Principles, and Techniques, including the Wound Closure Training System™ 20
Unit 4 Surgical Assisting Considerations 30
Unit 5 Surgical Pharmacology and Anesthesia 16
SAPCS Pre-Clinical Skills Evaluation 8
Module 2: Online home study – must be completed within 4 months of completing Module 1.
Unit 6 Surgical Specialty Study: First assisting in all major specialties will be studied. 100
Approximate home-study didactic hours 206
Module 3: Clinical Internship – must be completed within 8 months of completing Module 2.
Unit 7 (20 Cases) 40
Unit 8 (40 Cases) 80
Unit 9 (75 Cases) 150
Unit 10 Case Study 8
Approximate clinical hours 278
Total Program Hours 484